VAT Compliance

As the value added tax (VAT) system continues to roll out across the world in general, and the Middle East in particular, it’s more important than ever that companies doing business in VAT nations understand their responsibilities under VAT and work to remain in compliance. With severe penalties possible for non-compliance, it is suggested that companies of all sizes speak with their tax consultant or chartered accountant to understand the implications of VAT and how they must update their invoicing, payment processing, and accounting to follow the rule of law.

ManageMyVAT offers a VAT compliance solution in the most hassle-free manner possible. With ManageMyVAT, all of your VAT compliance needs are covered including:

  • TRN Registration: A Tax Registration Number(TRN) is mandatory for charging VAT from the end users. ManageMyVAT’s cutting edge software offers straightforward TRN registration.
  • Automated periodical VAT returns preparation: Automation reduces dependencies on spreadsheets and human capital. ManageMyVAT provides an automated solution to prepare and file your return. As leaders in VAT compliance, the ManageMyVAT team works to ensure that the platform is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that the latest filling requirements are included.
  • 100% accuracy in VAT payment calculation: The system is designed to enable ease of calculation and also provides detailed drill down reports for a deeper look into your filing, payments, and compliance.
  • Easily track VAT payables and receivables: Organised tracking helps companies streamline their VAT reconciliation and provides an easy to understand dashboard view.
  • Comprehensive VAT Accounting: Advanced book keeping and one click reporting enable companies to remain in compliance in a straightforward, hassle free, affordable manner.

To learn more about ManageMyVAT’s cutting edge VAT compliance software solution, contact us today for a free initial consultation and platform demo.